Team Work

For over fifteen years WaalWeb is actively working on and for websites. We work in a small, dedicated and enthusiastic team comprising of three specialists. Together we develop beautiful, unique and clean websites, built with advanced technology.

Frances de Waal – Front end developerportret opgebouwd met zichtbare pixels

Lobbyist for accessibility, user-friendliness and clean code – with a strong preference for HTML and CSS (the underlying code of web pages).

Jaap about Frances:

‘Why should we write an almost perfect code, if it could be perfect?’, is her motto for work. Annoying sometomes for her colleagues, but hey; it suits our clients well. And it does not go unnoticed, since W3C (the developers of web standards) included her in its panel of teachers for online web courses.

Whenever the web does not keep Frances occupied, she probably is outside, hiking with husband and dog. Frances is registered as a teacher at CRKBO.

Alex Pot – Javascript specialist and PHP programmer portret met stralende bol op het voorhoofd

For Alex the web is truly unlimited. Until today he has been able to fix even the most challenging task we put in front of him. Whatever he touches for the web turns to gold, but he is remarkably modest about it himself.

Frances about Alex:

If you ask Alex to program an application, he will often surprise you with some handy additional tools, which he on the fly came up with. As only other highly talented and gifted people can follow him, we limit ourselves to nodding admiringly and making coffee. We and our clients do not understand a bit of what Alex is doing, but as the result is amazing every time, we all fell in love with him anyway.

Alex spends a lot of time on programming for the web, and he miraculously still has energy for singing, meditating and practicing his sable for Tai Chi too. He also is a teacher for IT students at InHolland.

Jaap Swart - Graphic designer portret met woeste uitdrukking en fel gekleurde vegen op het gezicht

Jaap recently strengthened our team. Ever since, he checks the visual design of our work before it goes online. He improves even the tiniest of details (at least, that is what he makes us believe!) to ensure that the website is the state-of-the-art.

Alex about Jaap:

Format, color, font, lines, logos, images (raw, or edited in Photoshop). Jaap fits all the pieces of the puzzle together to create an attractive and personal design. Sometimes programming his work can be quite challenging. But Jaap persists. Art comes first. (That is great Jaap, thanks!)

Jaap loves Wagner and the Pre-Raphaelites and teaches fellow graphic designers about the art of Adobe InDesign and Digital Publishing Suite. He also leads training sessions on Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML and CSS via Learnit.