Course overview

The web quickly develops. For web developers it is key – and a nice challenge – to keep up and remain well-informed. At WaalWeb we are! Owner Frances de Waal dates back a while and has literally seen the web evolving in the past decades. She is an experienced teacher and provides courses from 2002 onwards for various educational and training institutions. She experts in the field of websites, with a focus on HTML and CSS. Since 2010 she educates web developers from all over the world on responsive web design and mobile web, via the online educational platform W3C.

Let Frances teach you the latest techniques and trends in the area of HTML and CSS, always taking the best practices of the web as an exit point. She welcomes both starters and advanced web developers. As all modern sites rely on javascript, PHP and .htaccess, these topics will be indirectly touched upon where it serves a purpose. However, the trainee is not required to have any specific knowledge on these elements.


Introduction HTML and CSS

Come and join our HTML and CSS class to learn about page structure and HTML-elements, which are the building blocks of a web page. Extend your knowledge on HTML-elements and -attributes and meaningful markings.

Learn how you can present your page content on screen with CSS and how to create a simple layout. Get wiser on CSS rules and definitions and on selectors, properties and values. Discover more about cascading, inheritance and specificity. In short: become an expert on HTML and CSS yourself!

Duration: two days



At this moment HTML5 is widely used on the web. HTML5 has a lot of advantages and is supported by all modern browsers. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll in this course and learn more on HTML5 structural elements. Also the new attributes for online forms are covered and how you can best apply these. We are looking forward to discuss progressive enhancement with you and to enlighten you on the HTML5 Document Outlining Algorithm. And believe us: after this course you do not only know about the HTML5 Document Outlines, you even get excited about it!

Duration: one day

You should have basic knowledge on HTML and CSS to be able to enroll in this course.


Responsive Web Design

Every modern web designer and developer should know about responsive design. During this course you learn how to develop a website which looks good and can be opened on all devices: mobile phones, tablets and desktop/s. We will enlighten you on viewport declarations, media queries and responsive layouts. We also will cover responsive images, responsive navigation, tables, forms, videos and typography.

But… a true responsive site is more than a responsive design. Just think of it for a minute: most of the desktop users do not really bother these days about the amount of bandwidth they use. This is a different story for mobile connections. And there is more; mobile users have their battery power to concern as well.

So, in this course, we take responsiveness a step further and also teach you how to optimize websites in every respect. Does it not feel great to be able to help save your site users costs, time and battery power?

Duration: two dagen

You should have experience in creating CSS layouts using float, to be able to enroll in this course.


CSS Layouts

You are already familiar with HTML and CSS, but you would like to know more about the secrets of layouts created with CSS. Do look no further; you have found the perfect course for you! We take you into the logic of float, and you get the hang of when to use position and what flex-box entails. We will also take a look at setting up an efficient style sheet.

Duration: one day

You should have basic knowledge on HTML and CSS to be able to enroll in this course.



Acquire knowledge on the new styles in CSS3, like rounded corners, text-shadow and box-shadow properties, (transparent) colors, columns, transitions and transforming, gradients, @font-face and much more. Sign up for this course and these terms will be your new friends soon!

Duration: one day

You should have basic knowledge on HTML and CSS to be able to enroll in this course.


CMS and page-content markup

One day, sooner or later, we will all come across it: text (perhaps with an illustration) which should be formatted with HTML. For example in a CMS, or in a piece of text handed in to appear on a website. You want to do this right (think of accessibility, as in the end not every user works with a screen!), so some basic knowledge will come in handy. Via simple but useful tips you will gain insight in the semantics of web content.

Duration: half a day



Website development with HTML, CSS and Dreamweaver

An application like Dreamweaver is pretty self-explanatory, as it is quite intuitive. However, it takes more than intuition to develop a website, bearing the web standards and best practices in mind. So let Frances de Waal guide you through the tools in Dreamweaver. She will show you which functions are relevant. How to use the application efficiently. And how to generate the right clean HTML and CSS code. You also need to explore HTML elements and attributes and absorb the CSS syntax. How else can you check whether Dreamweaver does it all right? (Yes, we like to emphasize the importance of a critical eye.)

After completing this course you will be a step closer to being a web developing specialist. You could use the acquired information for your own purposes and put it in practice immediately. However, you could also take your knowledge to the next level and enroll in any of our other courses, such as Responsive Web Design, HTML5 and CSS Layouts.

Duration: three days


Open Studio


On the first Monday of every month we facilitate an open studio. We will welcome former trainees and help them with their questions about the topic they previously enjoyed a course on at WaalWeb (in Halfweg, the Netherlands). The trainees will all, under guidance of Frances de Waal, work independently on their own case study. Please contact us in advance to check availability, as we can accommodate the limited number of four people.

Duration: one day


Tailored Courses

Our place

Our courses are built up with a few core elements, however, we could easily adjust them to meet your requirements on what you would like to learn. Our tailored course is a training program which is accurately designed to suit your particular learning needs. Please contact us to make an obligation-free appointment to discuss your wishes for and abilities in web development.

Your place

We facilitate InCompany training sessions at your office, in which we focus on what and when you and/or your colleagues would like to learn. The courses are suitable for trainees with a different level of knowledge. By creating an interactive and relaxed atmosphere the courses are a lot of fun, allowing everyone plenty of time to ask questions. Please contact us to make an obligation-free appointment to discuss your wishes for and abilities in web development.

Teaching methods

For all courses – with the exception of Open Studio sessions – we use a classroom education format and follow a pre-established program. We encourage trainees, through assignments in class, to practice what they have learned straight away. And we give presentations in which we illustrate examples from the field.

In each course we also discuss the most recent developments of the web and the best practices of the web in general.

Practical information


In our training room at Halfweg (near Amsterdam), we work with small groups of four trainees maximum.

The location is well accessible by public transport: train station Halfweg-Spaarnwoude is only 500 meters / 0.3 mile away.

Do you rather come by car? You can park it at our doorstep… for free!

Please bring your own laptop to work on during the course. Let us know though, if you would like us to arrange one for you.

Course hours

We start at 10h and stop at 16h30 (local time).


A course costs € 350 a day and includes lunch and education material. We need at least two applicants to be able to offer a course.

You can also book a private training session. Should you be interested in this possibility, then please contact us, so we can discuss your particular wishes.

An Open Studio meeting is € 200 for a full day.

If you do not have a laptop, we are happy to arrange one for you for a small additional fee. Please contact us to discuss on which operating system and with what software you would like to work and we will have a laptop ready for you at the start of the course.

All prices exclude VAT.


Introduction HTML and CSS in Halfweg:

  • 24 and 25 September

Responsive Web Design in Halfweg:

  • 1 and 2 October

Stay tuned for the next online W3C course Responsive Web Design.


Frances de Waal has organized trainings to trainees from and students at: UWV (Dutch Employees Insurance Agency), Dutch Ministry of Defense, various Dutch local councils, the Dutch Tax Office, KPN, PostNL, ING, ABN Amro, Rabobank, Aegon, Conrad, GroenLinks, De Telegraaf, Paswerk, FNV, Prénatal, Oranjefonds, AMFI, Fontys Hogescholen, InHolland and many more. It will take up too much space to list them all here...

Comments from our trainees


I wanted to update en expand my HTML skills and that went great with the private lessons I took with Frances. She rapidly gained insight and responded to the things I knew. I especially find the information Frances gives on semantics and accessibility very interesting. I wasn't so much aware of this at first, but I am convinced of its usefulness.

Very competent lecturer who adepts to the trainees’ level. Checks what we need and delivers exactly that.

I am very satisfied with teacher Frances de Waal. She spoke clearly, explained everything well and remained patient and understanding when I got completely lost.

... and then there is this lady with in her hand a cup of coffee who very relaxed and off the cuff starts telling the best story ever.

Thank you very much, I learned a lot with this course. I hope I can make more courses with you in the future.

And thanks again for this great course. Exactly what I need for responsive, best practices, progressive enhancement, etc. very important for me for accessibility too. This method has lot of benefits and avoid to discover big problem at the end of the development.

It has been a big learning curve and I greatly appreciate the support I have had from your detailed feedback. Your demos and materials will continue to provide me with inspiration to continue learning and go forward with the exciting challenges of  responsive design.


Content of the training course: great subject matter, clear textbook, well-structured, useful step-by-step method. Teacher: very competent and committed, high-quality explanations. Location and facilities: pleasant working environment and great facilities on good location. Organization: well organized and good information.

The course was very good, exactly what I was after. The teacher was perfect. Very knowledgeable and structured, but also able to adjust to participants' questions.

Through experience and/or intuition, she knew where we would have difficulties. She was able to adapt the course to our needs. As a former teacher, I could totally appreciate her approach, patience and professionalism.

The course was excellent, covered many of the aspects we need. Very good instructor. She took things at the right pace and was a very engaging teacher, who everyone felt very comfortable with.