Tailored websites

You are looking for a website (or web application) with an appealing design. A site with a fresh look and clear layout. All colors complement each other. And each picture tells the right story.

Under this great appearance lie several layers that all build up to become the perfect site for you. We ensure that each user quickly finds the information (s)he needs. That your site can be experienced (visually and auditorily) on all devices, such as desktop/s, tablets and smart phones. And when the site is presented on a smart phone or tablet, you expect the web design to adjust to its screen just as easy as it adepts to a desktop screen, right? We can implement any of the most innovative interactive possibilities if your site requires it.

Accessible for everyone, everywhere

If you dig deeper, you will hit an important and solid base: the technical array of your website. Among other things the focus here is on whether your site is encoded well. Can search engines easily find your website? Is the site accessible for users with assistive technologies? Does the user's mobile subscription not run down on a senseless amount of data?

We assure you that we know what we are doing and we, so to speak, pick up all the balls and juggle them smoothly in the air. We also advise you on the composition of texts and visuals and subsequently develop a user-friendly navigation and interface, which we will top with an attractive web design. We of course respect your particular wishes in each step.

Fast, safe, easy to find and responsive

In the encoding process we follow the W3C web standards. We add special functions to create a faster, safer and more reliable website, which – very importantly! – is much easier to find. All our web designs are responsive and adjust to all screen sizes of the different devices we can use these days to open a site on. We do not regard this as a surplus. It simply is part of our work to ensure that you get the best website possible.


Perfection in every detail

We develop web sites which are accessible to and user-friendly for everyone*. We further optimize them so that search engines can easily find the relevant information on your website. And prevent the site to use up more bandwidth than it really needs. With a responsive layout that adapts to the viewport width. By relying on our knowledge on the latest web techniques and on our common sense, we generate long lasting websites which are prepared for the near future.

Server-side optimization

Behind the scenes we work with server-side techniques to optimize the website. We use our own product, called SiteOptimizer. It was once created to only reduce and speed up web pages, but it has matured into a high-quality framework which brings all server-side possibilities (and client side techniques, such as javascript and jQuery) together. We are currently working on a plugin for WordPress, which is based on these same techniques.

Safe storage

We prefer to store the website we develop on our own servers. This allows us to take control and to facilitate the best quality web hosting and maintenance for you and your website. Your website is safe with us.

In the process of developing a website we have learned that it is a great advantage if the designer and developer can work together with the brain that masters the site’s underlying technology. We are lucky to have this little threesome in our company, as it brings custom-made solutions to our finger tips. We work in a small (and very skilled!) team and that makes communication lines short. This helps in reducing any possible risks to your website to a minimum.

*Including people who have a visual impairment or disability and visit the site using assistive techniques.